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The mission of the Wayback Machine is to compile an archive of the Internet, specifically to take snapshots of websites from time to time and store it indefinitely; or until the money runs out, at least.  Fortunately, the old Mandarins site was snapped several times over the years and you can take a look at some old match reports, news items and so forth.

As an example, this is Peter Lewy's account of the game at Brill when Mike O'Shea took six wickets in six balls...

Saturday, 17 November 2018

2018 Season's Statistical Digest & Other Highlights


  • Played 19, Won 6, Drew 1, Lost 12, Abandoned 0

Heaviest Victories

  • 8 wickets vs Aylesford;
  • 49 runs vs North Enfield

Narrowest Victories

  • 1 wicket off final ball vs Kings School;
  • 18 runs vs Mickleham

Heaviest Defeats

  • 7 wickets vs Heber and Old Alleynians; 
  • 108 runs vs Streatham & Marlborough

Closest defeats

  • 1 wicket vs Superstars
  • 6 runs vs Superstars (T20)

Highest Scores 

  • For: 254/5 vs North Enfield.
  • Against: 256/6, S&M

Lowest score

  • For: 85 vs Old Alleynians.
  • Against 105, Peper Harow

Other Highlights

  • Mandarins scored 2 centuries and 5 Fifties.
  • Highest score Tim Baxter 110 vs North Enfield.
  • Mandarins took only 2 five-fors.
  • Best Bowling Rob Eastaway 7 – 3 – 10 -5 vs Mickleham.

Notable Player Highlights

  • 47 players turned out, 17 of them just once. 
  • George Warren took 3 stumpings vs Aylesford, possibly equalling the club record (tbc).
  • Definitely a club record for a single season, at least 4 debutant bowlers took a wicket with their first Mandarins ball:
    • Inder vs Superstars
    • Harry Bassi vs Heber
    • Tom Eland vs Bank
    • Badat vs Mickleham.
    • I thought it was 5 but I can’t remember the other one. (CB)
  • Worst collapse 6-11 vs Old Alleynians.

Best Partnerships

  • 1st  78 vs North Enfield (Baxter/Lowen)
  • 2nd  88 vs Aylesford (Tunbridge/Wilmot)
  • 3rd  38 vs Britwell cum Sotwell (Baker/Venky)
  • 4th  91 vs North Enfield (Baxter/Wilmot)
  • 5th  43 vs Whitchurch (Somerville/Riaz) (Note F Chave/Manian at Worlingworth almost certainly more but not recorded)
  • 6th  70 vs Elsted (Manian/McKeon)
  • 7th  97 vs Mickleham (Baker/Eastaway)
  • 8th  43 vs Superstars (Hurst/Inder)
  • 9th  21 vs Old Alleynians (McKeon/Healey)
  • 10th  17* vs Whitchurch (Heard/McIntyre)

Other 50 Partnerships

  • 77 vs Worlingworth (F Chave/Baker)
  • 77 vs Kings School (Baxter/Healey)
  • 67 vs Whitchurch (Baker/Manian)
  • 55 vs Charlatans (Baxter/Davidson)

BATTING AVERAGES (3 completed Innings)

Player Played Innings N.O. Runs HS Average 100/50
Healey 5 4 1 141 66 47.0 0/1
Baxter 11 11 1 315 110 31.5 1/1
Baker 11 11 1 288 54 28.8 0/1
Brand 5 5 0 108 45 21.7
Somerville 6 6 0 127 50 21.2 0/1
Manian 13 12 3 175 39 19.4
Venky 8 5 0 95 32 19.0
Wilmot 10 10 1 170 48 18.9
Tunbridge 7 7 1 112 60* 18.7 0/1
Mills 4 4 1 54 29* 18.0
Warren 4 3 0 53 30 17.7
Eastaway 9 8 2 92 37* 15.3
Lowen 3 3 0 38 22 12.7
C McKeon 7 7 2 62 33* 12.4
Davidson 7 7 0 86 28 12.3
Hurst 9 8 1 72 37* 10.3
Heard 7 6 3 28 14* 9.3
J Porter 4 3 0 15 11 5.0
H Forman 5 5 1 20 9* 5.0
3S Forman 6 4 0 14 9 3.5
D Forman 11 9 2 17 5* 2.4

Also Batted or appeared more than once (in order of appearance)
  • Williams 2-2-0-6-5-3.00
  • G Porter 3-2-2-6-6*-----
  • McIntyre 11-6-5-23-6*-23.00
  • Pharoah 3-2-0-30-18-15.00
  • Inder     3-2-1-57-40*-57.00
  • Tivey 2-2-0-17-10-8.50
  • Plahe     2-2-0-8-8-4.00
  • F Chave 2-2-1-101-100*-101.00
  • J Hawkins 2-2-0-5-4-2.50

One Appearance

M Simpson, 0; Quarell, 2; C Bassi,13; Guy, 0; H Bassi, 6; S Bassi, 4; Hawkhead, 7; Eland, 24*; Dugmore, DNB; A McKeon, 0; Jono Maher, 4; Meyler, 13; Badat, 0; D CHave, 27; A Eastaway, 1*; Thompson, DNB; Riaz, 19.

BOWLING AVERAGES (bowled more than once)

Player Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Average Econ SR
Inder 12 2 47 7                6.7             3.9           10.3
G Porter 18 2 80 5              16.0             4.4           21.6
Eastaway 71 16 249 15              16.6             3.5           28.4
McIntyre 64 9 269 16              16.9             4.2           24.0
Heard 45 3 199 11              18.1             4.4           24.5
Baxter 22 2 120 6              20.0             5.5           22.0
H Forman 18 1 100 5              20.0             5.6           21.6
Somerville 12 4 48 2              24.0             4.0           36.0
Venky 48 6 245 10              24.5             5.1           28.8
Plahe 11 0 56 2              28.0             5.1           33.0
Pharoah 11 2 34 1              34.0             3.1           66.0
Healey 23 3 106 3              35.3             4.6           46.0
Hurst 62 13 219 6              36.5             3.5           62.0
S Forman 30 2 146 4              36.5             4.9           45.0
D Forman 55 5 284 7              40.6             5.2           47.1
J Porter 17 0 74 1              74.0             4.4         102.0
Manian 36 5 160 1           160.0             4.4         216.0
Baker 15.3 1 80 0             5.2

Also Bowled Once: Simpson 5-0-23-0; H Bassi 5-0-24-2; C Bassi 4-0-9-1; Guy 3-0-8-0; Eland 11-3-48-3; Dugmore 6-0-17-2; Warren 3-0-37-2; Tunbridge 2-0-10-0; J Maher 4-0-18-1; Parvin 3-0-30-1; Mills 3-0-20-2; Badat 6-1-30-1; F Chave 11-1-34-2; Thompson 3-0-17-2; A Eastaway 1-0-10-0; Riaz 6-0-50-0.

Feilding: Mandarins took at least 33 catches and 5 stumpings: Anonymous 9; Baxter 5; Warren 4 (3 stumpings); McIntyre, Baker, Wilmot (stumpings), Heard, Healey 2; Simpson, Eland, Tivey, J Maher, H Forman, Badat, S Forman, Manian, D Forman 1.

Chris Baker
Club Archivist

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Season Finale at Whitchurch-on-Thames

The genesis of this late-late season fixture (30th September) was cancellations earlier in the month by Reading University and Brill, both through lack of players.  The former have done this to us very occasionally over the years, but it’s a worrying first time failure from Brill.  Happily, Whitchurch, who are my local side, were happy to fill the gap.

Knowing the balance of the sides, I negotiated a bowl-first toss (those who know me will realise that this is pretty much my default position whatever) and just for the hell of it, opened the bowling myself.  Captain’s privilege.

The pitch, which is also the Village Green, is used by the general public when we’re not there, so inconsistencies in bounce are part of the normal routine.  That’s useful for the bowlers who otherwise have to defend very short boundaries both sides of the wicket.  It’s in a very pretty location, but it’s one petite cricket ground.

Anyway, Whitchurch got off to a steady if not spectacular start.  By the halfway stage (18 overs) they were about 90 for 1 and nobody really dominating.  Riyas – my ringer to make up the numbers – finished his first spell of four overs for 16 runs, which is right enough.  But brought on to bowl out the final two overs, he suffered a mauling at the hands of a Whitchurch Big Gun (and also a best mate) to finish with none for 50.  That’s captain’s privilege again, you see, as I didn’t get to finish my spell for just this kind of reason.

Other than that, all the bowlers (which included everyone in the side, this being the last match of the season) produced respectable figures with none standing out especially.  Martin was particularly unlucky not to get a wicket, but Danny Forman, Paul McIntyre and Gary had one each to add to the season’s average.

With a dramatic acceleration towards the end (two balls were lost, which is not uncommon here) Whitchurch reached 236 – 3.  So, this being an overs thrash, the batting – now reinforced by Jonathan Wilmot, who was late by arrangement following a late withdrawal – had it all to do.  But we’ve scored this before, and it wasn’t quite out of sight I thought.

We started well, Chris Baker clattering boundaries with abandon, supported well by Arvind (26) for the first wicket.  But after about a dozen overs, when I really thought we might just be in this, Chris, on 38 at the time, ran himself out going for an impossible single.  Such a shame, it’s what the crowd had turned up for!

Jonathan played a couple of delicious drives through the covers but then missed one.  Gary got an unlucky low bounce, and this led onto a decent spell of scoring based around Drew Somerville's 50 and double-digit contributions from Riyas (19), Tivey (10) and yours-truly (14*).

With a certain pleasing symmetry, I had faced the very first ball of the Mandarins season back in April at Peper Harrow (that one, I left outside the off stump) and the very last ball of the season, from which I made a boundary that edged us past 200 and a defeat by a convincing but respectable 34 runs.

Literally the Last Shot of the Season (Dan)
We took a few beers down at The Greyhound (real ale, low beams) with the opposition, and the evening came upon us at the end of another season.

Andy Heard

Monday, 10 September 2018

One Wicket Win in Last Ball Thriller at Rochester

Kings School XI 187 for 9 off 41 overs. Mandarins 188 for 9 off 42 overs. Mandarins win by one wicket.

Well, where to begin?

How about at Elstead? It was speculated that the chase there in the previous game was the most dreary in Mandarins history, falling 50 short with 5 down. Well the archivist says no! I offer you Mandarins v Jesus College Cambridge on 2 May 1981, where we showed our contempt for the Jesus target of 185 by scoring only 71 for 5, including a pointless run out off the last ball. This game, by wonderful contrast, was one of the very best any of us could remember.
  • Item: Wonderful weather
  • Item: Superb setting, castle and cathedral resplendent
  • Item: a great cricket wicket, hard but always something in it for seamers and spinners
  • Item: peerless hospitality from Jeremy Walker and King's School colleagues. The tea, gargantuan, 
  • took an hour and tested the willpower of opening batsmen and bowlers to the utter limit. Special mention for sponge cakes and fresh scones.
  • Item: the post match glimpse of Arcadia in the gardens at Restoration House, now well on their way to spectacular completion. Thank you very much for their hospitality to Jonathan and Robert.
  • Item: proper umpires. John Hawkins speculated that this was because he had given Baxter not out 9 times in  his winning knock in the previous year's fixture. These umpires confirmed John's excellent judgement. Baxter (well his pads anyway) survived another 9 or so lbw appeals.

Skipper Jonathan wore an enigmatic smile for much of the day. It was as if he, the machiavellian master analyst, knew the result in advance. But it was a roller coaster ride. Mandarins fielded first "by mutual agreement". Hebden and Metcalfe looked worryingly aggressive. Both were cut off in their pomp by Andy H in his pomp. Cracking nip-backers trimming the top of the stumps. Rob bowled superbly at the dangerous Jones and Saunders, finally claiming the latter with another nip-backer, but rueing 2 drops and two misses in the slips.

Despite all of this Kings scored at over 5 an over, and Jonathan feared a target of 250-ish. It was pulled back thanks to much better than average ground fielding (special mention to sweepers Stan Forman and Tim) and three blinding catches by Dan, and Chris Healey, twice. Hursty was niggardly, and the three Formen (if you follow) took a five-for between them. They also caused the only frissance of a mellow day as the oppo scorer found it incomprehensible that three men called Forman could be playing in the same game, and made a minor pitch invasion in protest.

So, a challenging target of 187. Cake-fuelled Baker got us off to a flying start, and Tim and Chris H kept well ahead of the asking rate. There was a suggestion that Tim's pads, whilst exuding their anti-lbw vibrations, were losing their explosive qualities. This was more than made up for by Tim himself very nearly exploding in the changing room when run out for 39. There isn't time to explain. Suffice to say Chris took some responsibility. That was 103 for 2 in the first of the final 20 overs.

The promotion of Eastaway did not come off. Hursty, given #5 responsibility by the Cheshire Cat captain hit trademark blows, some along the ground, but fell at 142. Still, Jonathan and Chris pressed on strongly and we reached 175, needing 13 with 9 overs to go, Chris on 66. With two batsmen of such pedigree, and so many wickets and so much time, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, in a game with many individual moments of excellence, Dom Saunders (also on his way to 4 for 31 with beguiling off spin), made what I rate the finest catch I have seen in Mandarins cricket, sprinting from mid on to wide deep mid wicket and diving full length to snaffle Healey one handed inches from the ground. Thereafter batting became a different proposition altogether.

Skipper (may have been smiling but too far away to confirm) frustratingly (or very cunningly?) didn't get much strike, and watched as Hawkins and the first two Formen fell for a total of two runs. We had scored 5 runs for 4 wickets in 8 overs. 8 required off one over, two wickets left.

Bizarrely, the draw, having been rank outsider for 82 of the game's overs suddenly became hot favourite amongst results. The dangerous Saunders bowled the last over at Jonathan. Two dots. Surely he isn't playing for the draw???  Facial expression impossible to fathom in absence of field glasses. Then a single. Stan Forman on strike. Doesn't know what a draw is. Biff. 4 straight down the ground. 5 th ball, Stan goes for glory, misses and is stumped. One ball left, 3 needed, all fielders on boundary, last man in. Heard. All 4 results possible. Well, Jonathan had orchestrated it all the way along, I can't help thinking. Andy swipes/smears/drives/wibbles/edges (delete as applicable) into the only large gap on the field at third man, and they complete the three needed for victory.

Move over Elstead. Follow that Reading.

(need some work on the lighting next time - Ed.)

Chris Baker