Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Postcard from Suffolk

Some of my 2016 tour highlights:  four friendly and well-matched opposition teams; fine weather; possibly the best Friday dinner yet at the Station; Ghost Ship in the front garden at the Railway on Saturday evening – nice to see a traditional local making a come-back; Werewolf introduced as an additional evening entertainment and providing a fitting way to punish Graeme for batting and catching far better for Worlingworth than he did in his appearances for us; O’Donnell beating Hawkhead two sets to love on the tennis court; the Eastaway Fold now officially re-named the Forman Fold, but Dan emerging victorious at poker nonetheless; not one but two curries (at least for some) – new competition generally agreed to have raised standards at the Prince of India; the  view of Framlingham Castle from the College front door.
Dan Forman's Priorities are Clear...

And I seem to recall we even played some cricket: lost three, won one was it?  Davidson run out Baxter on Sunday after Worlingworth failed to accept an even easier gift of Baxter run out Davidson on Saturday sticks in my memory, together with a mix of egregious drops and great takes in the field at Nazeing (Graeme notable in both categories). There were also several fine innings and spells of bowling, but I’ll leave comment on those to whoever has the scorebook.

Many, many thanks to Marc and Cheryl for organising another fabulous tour.

Nick Davidson

ps.  Anyone with any pictures to share, try uploading here (you'll need a gmail account).