Management of the Mandarins is a fairly relaxed business.  An AGM in the spring and a committee that meets once a year in the autumn.  The "executive" posts are currently held by the following, with an array of match managers appointed each season.
  • Chairman: Nick Davidson (chairman@).  Chairman Elect: JC Gray.

  • Fixtures Secretary: Dan Forman (fixtures@)

  • Treasurer: Arvind Manian (treasurer@)

  • Kit Monitor: Rob Eastaway

  • Webmaster: Andy Heard (web@)

It's not entirely clear who of the others - the non-execs? - that turn up to the annual meeting are officially "on" the committee, and who is there for the beer and good company.

To email any of the above, just use the email fragment above and append "" (sorry to be obtuse - trying to outwit email-harvesting robots).

Thanks for passing by.

Andy Heard
18th February 2018