Saturday, 8 October 2016

David Bostock

Mandarins, especially those of longer standing, will be sad to hear that David Bostock passed away last month.

David was a regular in the side for much of the 1980s. He may not have been a natural cricketer but he made himself into a proficient batsman, often opening the innings and accumulating with some smart running between the wickets. And he contributed his share of shrewd insights on the workings of Whitehall to the teatime chat. He was my predecessor as Director of European Policy at the Treasury and went on to more senior positions at UKREP Brussels and the Cabinet Office where for a time he was the Prime Minister's adviser on Europe.

Paul McIntyre

I never encountered David Bostock on the field of play, but remember him as a pugnacious upholder of fiscal discipline at meetings at the Cabinet Office, in the face of potential laxity from the FCO.  

Nick Davidson