Friday, 3 January 2020

Mandarins 2010-2019 Statistics Christmas Quiz – The Answers

GRAEME TUNBRIDGE won with 9 points! Congratulations Graeme. It was tough Questions 1, 4, 11 and 16 defeated all comers.

NOTE: Stats cover only  the 192 games played since 2010. Fielding stats are incomplete. A short statistical digest by chris will be posted in the next day or three.

NUMBERS: 3, 13, 2, 5, 19, 5, 20, 13, 3, 17, 16.
  • Allocate the numbers to the following:
  • Centuries scored; [5] 
  • Highest average appearances per season by an individual; [13 by ARVIND]
  • 1000 run aggregates; [5] 
  • 5-fers; [13]
  • Most non-wicketkeeper catches by one player in a decade[17 by PAUL McINTYRE]
  • hat-tricks; [2,JON PORTER and ROB EASTAWAY in our most recent match]
  • most 50/100 by a player in a season; [3]
  • most 50/100 by a player overall; [16, CHRIS HEALEY]
  • participants in 100 run partnerships; [20]
  • over 100 wicket aggregates; [3]
  • participants in 5 or more 50 partnerships. [19]

NAME THE PLAYER – qualification 10 completed innings/appearances. (note each question has a different answer, no individual features twice, 21 names required.)
  1. Highest average appearances per season? Arvind Manian

  2. Lowest percentage of dismissals per appearance?  7 of 47, Jim Thompson

  3. No not outs (30 innings min)? BarrieTemple

  4. Batting most often in every single appearance (i.e. no “did not bats”)? Nick Davidson, 72 times

  5. Chris Healey holds only three of these 6 batting records. Name the other 3 players. Bonus points for correct linking of player to record:  Highest individual score; David Williams  Highest seasons aggregate; Sam Cook   most 50/100; Healey   highest 10 year average, Marc Thomas   highest 10 year aggregate, Healey  highest seasons average. Healey

  6. Highest runs aggregate without scoring 50? Rob Eastaway
  7. Mr Consistent: 1 50 per season 8 times? Graeme Tunbridge

  8. Most fielding victims? Tim Baxter

  9. Most stumpings? Jonathan Wilmot

  10. Best non-keeper catches to games ratio (ergo best fielder?????) (minimum 30 appearances) Jono Maher

  11. Highest ratio of stumpings to catches?Chris McKeon

  12. Most:
    • overs bowled in the decade?   Andy Heard
    • Most maidens in the decade? Martin Hurst
    • Most wickets in decade? Paul McIntyre

  13. Longest single spell? Chris Healey

  14. 3rd best bowling analysis? (only other player to take 6 wickets in an innings apart from two already featured above) Matthew Pearce 6.4-0-32-6 vs Charlatans 2013

  15. Best Strike rate? (lowest balls per wicket). Owen Cooke. And best for a minimum 100 overs? Chris Baker
  16. Best Economy rate? (lowest runs per over) J C Gray

Chris Baker

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