Saturday, 21 March 2020

COVID-19 and Us

The committee (chaired by the incoming supremo Jonathan Wilmot) met by conference call this evening. No one will be surprised by the news but everyone will be saddened that, given the current advice, all our nets and all our April fixtures are cancelled.

In truth it seems unlikely at this stage that we will be playing in May either but it is too early and not yet necessary to take that decision, so we will reconvene in April and, if necessary, every month to take a view.

While disappointing, clearly the country's and our own health and safety comes first. A few further points below:
  • We recognise that for many of us the Mandarins and cricket in general is a big part of our lives. We will therefore do what we can to safely and proportionately get whatever cricket going we can, whether that is playing against ourselves at our own risk, bringing our own teas or turning up in whites so as not to need changing rooms.

  • We may try and get more games into the second half of the season (the 16 August which was to be free has been earmarked for a rearranged Superstars game for example)

  • We will make more effort to organise social activities when it is safe to do so, perhaps at any championship games that get going

  • As and when we get going, Arvind will be in touch about subs

  • I will allocate a match managers rota shortly on the provisional basis that we are playing from May

  • We will consider the implications for the August tour in a month or two
In the meantime please take care of yourselves and families in these uncertain times. And, while we don't all live locally to each other, do get in touch if there is anything we can do to support each other.

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The aim of County Cricket Matters is to be a voice for those concerned at how top-class cricket is changing in this country. The purpose is not to denigrate those running the game or question the motives behind attempts to broaden the appeal of a sport which has often been its own worst enemy.

Until we meet again...

Dan and the committee

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