Friday, 10 July 2020

Mandarins 2020 Season

The Mandarins committee met today to discuss the ECB guidelines that were published today.

Below are the key points we agreed on

1: Subs: Originally, we planned to raise the subs to 35 pounds starting this season. We also planned to raise match fees to 10 pounds per player for games in which teas were provided.  However given the crisis and the slightly shortened season for this year, we have decided to postpone the change in subs and match fees to next year.

For this season, we will retain the subs at £30. While we will start off with match fees of £5, we may have to increase it for games later this season. While we want to play as many games as possible this season, there is a strong chance that ground rents could be more expensive this year. For example, for the first game we have had to pay £450 to reserve a pitch. We will try to find cheaper grounds where possible but  match fees may increase to £10 later in the season.

2: Equipment: All players will need to bring their own gloves and boxes to each game. We think all players who can keep wickets have their own pair of gloves but if anyone does not, they can use the club's wicket keeping gloves. While players can share the club's bats and pads, we do request that all players sanitise club equipment after they have used it. The club kit will be equipped with sanitisers. 

For the first couple of games, it is unlikely that we will have the club kit. However we have a minimum of 4 - 5 players who are happy to share their personal bats and pads with others. We will have sanitisers for the games. 

3: Schedule: Assuming we can play till the end of September, we anticipate playing 15-17 games this season. We will look to schedule a couple of mid-week games in.

Look forward to playing cricket again and catching up with all of you over the summer.

Arvind Manian

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